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Many of today's largest CDNs were founded and architected years ago when high latency, high packet loss, and slow dial-up modems were major challenges with delivering content. BitGravity addresses the challenges faced by content owners today. Our commitment and differentiation is simple—to offer world-class reliability, performance, service, and unsurpassed value.

The World's Largest Tier 1 Reach Network

We own and operate the world's largest Tier 1 network, which means that we peer with every other Tier 1 carrier, and have more connections into more countries and territories than any other Tier 1 carrier. In addition to our Tier 1 network, we have strategic peering relationships and dedicated routing between our data centers and across our MPLS backbone. In all, our Tier 1 network, peering relationships, and dedicated routing on our MPLS network are integrated to provide the most direct routes between our customers' content and their end users.

Flexible Architecture & World-Class Performance

We provide customers the flexibility of (e.g., choosing) how they store and deliver content.

24/7/365 Customer Service

With round-the-clock email and phone support, we offer comprehensive, knowledgeable support to every customer at no additional cost.

Unsurpassed Value

By owning and operating the world's largest Tier 1 network, we have inherent cost advantages compared to pure-play CDNs. Combine that with flexible storage and a range of delivery options, world-class performance, and comprehensive customer service for the best value of any CDN.

Press Releases

In the News


January 11, 2011
Tata Communications Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire BitGravity

July 13, 2010
BitGravity and Vivu Partner to Offer First Massively Scalable HD Desktop Video Conferencing and Collaboration Application

May 10, 2010
BitGravity & HD Cloud Partner To Offer On-Demand Transcoding Services To BitGravity Customers

December 7, 2009
San Francisco Zoo & BitGravity Partner to Deliver the First 1080p Live Stream of the Gorilla Preserve and Infant Gorilla Hasani

October 28, 2009
Key Shortcomings of Proxy Cache CDN Architecture Identified in 2009 CDN Satisfaction Survey

September 14, 2009
TWiT Selects BitGravity to Stream Live

August 11, 2009
Showtime Sports® Extends Popular Online Experience To Global Audience

July 22, 2009
eBaum Nation Snags Exclusive Video of LeBron James Getting Dunked on by Jordan Crawford, Scoops TMZ and Streams on BitGravity

July 22, 2009
gdgt Selects BitGravity to Stream Community-Driven Gadget Site

June 23, 2009
BitGravity Appoints Ed Crump VP of Technology

April 8, 2009
Showtime® to Offer MMA Fans Online Interactive Experience with "Strikeforce: All Access"

March 31, 2009
BitGravity Selected by David Lynch Foundation to Broadcast Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr Live via Webcast and Press Event

March 16, 2009
BitGravity Appoints Perry Clarke VP of Engineering

March 2, 2009
BitGravity Announces 1080p HD Live Streaming

November 21, 2008
TV's Interactive Future Arrives Today, Combining Social Media with Personal Control

October 28, 2008
STRIKE.TV Launches Largest Web Network of Original Hollywood Shows

October 22, 2008
BitGravity Streams SpaceX Live in HD-Quality

October 15, 2008
Arizona State University Relies on BitGravity HD Video Delivery For Complex, Collaborative Decision-making and Visualization Projects

October 7, 2008
BitGravity Announces New Advanced Progressive™ API For Interactive Video Application Development

September 8, 2008
Tata Communications Launches Global Content Delivery Network Service Powered By BitGravity

August 14, 2008
BitGravity Gets to the Punch Line with CollegeHumor.com

August 6, 2008
Blake Krikorian, CEO of Sling Media Joins BitGravity Board of Directors and Initial Investment Round

June 10, 2008
Couch Trip: BitGravity Broadcasts Tom Green's House Tonight! Live to Internet Viewers; Show Simulcast on TV

May 29, 2008
BitGravity Selected by AlwaysOn as an OnHollywood 100 Top Private Company Award Winner for Leadership in Emerging Technology for Digital Entertainment and Media

April 14, 2008
BitGravity Arms Media Companies With The Industry's First Integrated Security Suite Designed To Eliminate Content Piracy

March 5, 2008
Tata Communications and BitGravity Announce Global Strategic Partnership to Address Growing Demand for High-Quality Video over the Internet

March 4, 2008
BitGravity Taps Chris Turner as Vice President of Worldwide Sales to Further Accelerate Growth and Expand Channels

February 1, 2008
BitGravity Wins Coveted DEMOgod Award

January 28, 2008
Network World to Broadcast DEMO 08 Conference Live on the Web

January 28, 2008
BitGravity to Make Live Broadcasts Ubiquitous on the Web

October 16, 2007
BitGravity's Content Delivery Network Recognized for Outstanding Achievements in the Next-Generation Communications Industry

October 1, 2007
BitGravity Launches New Content Delivery Network To Enable Next Wave of Higher Quality, Interactive Internet Media

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