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BitGravity’s Asian content delivery network is highly scalable and optimized to deliver affordable, HD-quality video on demand, live streams, and interactive applications for massive audiences on the Internet.

Asian Content Delivery Network Services from BitGravity

Deliver Video & More on Our Asian Content Delivery Network

BitGravity operates an Asian content delivery network optimized to deliver affordable, high-definition video on demand, live streams, and more for Web publishers and enterprises that want to deliver superior end-user experiences simply and affordably. With nodes across Asia, India, and the rest of the globe, your content can be stored and delivered close to your end users.

With our flagship product, BG Video Delivery, customers' videos are pre-warmed and stored across our network. This ensures an extremely fast time to first byte and high throughput, resulting in an 'instant on' and an uncompromised end-user experience. Videos play smoothly, without stalling or choppiness.




A traditional proxy cache content delivery network, on the otherhand, doesn't treat all content fairly. Proxy cache CDNs usually store and deliver only the most popular content across their entire customer bases, so files that are less popular than those of big Web properties are often not cached. This architecture can result in 20% to 40% cache miss rates and significantly increased costs. BG Video Delivery ensures that customers have no cache misses and no extra delivery costs from their origin servers to ours.

Contact us to learn more about how our content delivery network can improve your end-user experience and lower your costs.

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