BitGravity offers video delivery that is reliable and affordable 
across a global network that provides high end-user experience for those considering solutions for streaming videos in flash .

Are You Interested in Streaming Video Files that Play Continuously, without Stalling and Provide Superior End-User Experience?

BitGravity Provides Affordable and Reliable Streaming Services that Play the Media Files with Flash Smoothly without Stalling as our Video Delivery Platform was Built from the Ground-Up to Deliver HD-quality Videos.

BitGravity specializes in helping organizations deliver better video experiences. BG Video Delivery is our solution for those who want premium delivery of video files in their region of choice and across the globe. BG Video Delivery leverages the efficiency of our network architecture to deliver superior end-user experiences, simply and affordably. Additionally, we offer a natively integrated CMS called BG Video Director that enables customers to get premium delivery as well as tools for simplifying workflow, customizing players and playlists, monetizing content, and more. Best of all, we offer extremely competitive pricing plans for BG Video Delivery and BG Video Director. When you are looking at solutions for flash streaming, excellence, simplicity, and affordability are crucial criteria.

With BG Video Delivery, customers' videos are stored across our network. This ensures an extremely fast time to first byte and high throughput, resulting in an 'instant on' and an uncompromised end-user experience. When you are considering streaming videos with flash, you want videos to play smoothly, without stalling or choppiness. BitGravity's distributed origin architecture enables this. Traditional proxy cache CDNs, on the other hand, don't treat all content fairly. Proxy cache CDNs usually store and deliver only the most popular content across their entire customer bases, so files that are less popular than those of big Web properties are often not cached. This architecture can result in 20% to 40% cache miss rates and significantly increased costs. BG Video Delivery ensures that customers have no cache misses and no extra delivery costs from their origin servers to ours.

Premium performance, video management tools, and excellent value is why CNBC, Showtime, Morningstar, the IRS, and over 1,000 organizations deliver video every day with BitGravity.

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If you are interested in streaming videos with flash, you can deliver it from your site and within Web-based applications with the world's first and only storage and delivery platform architected specifically for high quality video delivery.

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