BG Live Demo


Auto-Bitrate Support
To reach the broadest audience you can send streams of varying bitrates and BG Live can be configured to deliver the stream optimized for each users' connection.

Click the bitrate menu (Kpbs) and select the lowest bitrate. Watch as the player switches to a higher bitrate based on your connection speed. If it's already adjusted, you can re-open the bitrate menu to watch the check mark climb or fall based on your connection.

Network Reliability
BG Live is delivered across the world's largest Tier 1 network and streams are routed across our MPLS backbone, thereby bypassing the public Internet. The result is greater reach, better reliability, fewer hops, and smooth HD and SD live streams.

Streams to 100,000s
Our live streaming servers can handle 3X to 5X the stream density of many alternative solutions enabling us to stream to 100,000s of simultaneous viewers around the globe and to quickly scale beyond that as needed.

Massive Ingestion
Global stream ingestion of up to 10 Mbps per stream with output of 1Mbps at 1080p at 30fps. We can output SD streams at over 2Mbps.

Flexible Ingestion
Ingestion options include HTTP, RTMP, RTSP using our own Mac-based encoder, or a third-party encoder, including Kulabyte, Telestream's Wirecast, FMLE from Adobe, Inlet's Spinnaker, NewTek's Tricaster, and others.

24/7 Customer Support
Whether you're streaming a mission-critical one-time event or a 24/7 persistent stream, we provide phone and email-based customer support to help you with any questions or issues that arise.

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