At BitGravity, we thrive on empowering our customers and their end-users to achieve their dreams and aspirations. These case studies demonstrate how BitGravity's products are doing just that.


Keith Loutit is a pioneer in tilt-shift/time lapse photography. What was once a hobby is now his commercial endeavor. He has been recognized with awards and media coverage from around the world.

Keith's videos have a unique look and feel due to the camera techniques he uses. The soft blurring of the edges and sped up timing create a focus on the central action while giving a dreamlike quality to the rest of the scene. By shooting real world subjects and applying these techniques, the resulting scenes appear miniaturized and almost manufactured.

Loutit's aim is to create a sense of wonder in our surroundings by 'challenging people's perceptions of scale, and helping the viewer to distance themselves from places they know well'.


The unique characteristics of Keith's videos are central to their impact on the viewer. The quality of his video delivery is core to his site. It has to look great. Any buffering or hiccups in the delivery take the viewer out of the dreaminess of the experience. Keith's exposure is growing around the world, particularly with his latest project, Small Worlds. In it, he is filming the world's great cities, landscapes and ancient monuments. So the delivery of his videos must be smooth, no matter where in the world his viewers are.


BG Video Delivery capitalizes on the reliability and reach of BitGravity's network. As a subsidiary of Tata Communications, BitGravity's CDN is integrated into the world's largest Tier 1 reach network. This means more connections to more countries and territories than any other delivery network. Ultimately, it means that Keith Loutit's viewers become immersed in his miniaturized worlds without the jarring disruptions of poor quality video delivery. BG Video Delivery easily handles the bandwidth intensive, high definition delivery of these special films.

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